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Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith Lawsona Fern Creek, FL 407-720-7898As per the law, commercial spaces, including malls, educational institutes, offices etc should have emergency exits installed to facilitate quick escape at the time of emergency situations. These exits cannot be locked so that there is no obstruction when people are trying to rush out. Push bars or panic bars are pseudo locks that are installed at emergency exits and that allow the exits to be opened from the inside, but not from outside. Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith is the best locksmith in area for push bar installation. We have been helping businesses across the region install these devices in their offices and can help you secure your property too.

How do push bars work?

Pushbars have a horizontally or vertically attached spring-loaded mechanism which is activated when the door is pushed from inside. They are available in several different shapes and sizes.

Which push bars should you get?

You will need an exit lock that matches the requirements of your building. There are certain factors that you would need to keep in mind for push bar installation, including exit locations, budget, safety codes, the number of levels and building occupancy, among others. If you need expert guidance about the best ones for your property, Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith can help you find the most appropriate one for your office.

Can push bars keep your door locked?

They cannot be opened from outside. It can only be pushed open from inside the building. You can consider setting up alarms on the doors if you fear that the exit may be misused by unscrupulous people.

We can install new push bars 24/7

Apart from guiding you about the best exit locks to buy for your property, we can also help install them. If you already have push bars installed and just want some repair work to be done, our technicians can do that as well. We have vast experience in working with such devices and can provide all kinds of help.

Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith is one of the most reputed locks professionals in the area and has been servicing the people of the region for over ten years. We also provide the entire array of locksmith services, including key duplication, locks repair and replacements and lockout assistance. Also, we never charge you extra for helping you at an odd hour. We charge the same flat rates, no matter when we service you.

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