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Business premises are highly confidential spaces that contain data and information pertaining to the concern that are exposed to only a few authorized workers. Understanding the importance of business security, we, at Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith extend our reputable locksmith services to the commercial setups in the Lawsona Fern Creek. Our precious clients include hotels, med-care centers, restaurants, colleges, commercial spaces and more!

Why choose us?

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  • Professional locksmiths 
  • On-site locksmith services 
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  • Multilayered unique locking solutions
  • Unmatched response span to emergency calls 
  • Consultation on business security faults and fixes 
  • Affordable locksmith solutions

Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith has a dedicated team of skilled locksmiths who have been trained to deal with the various locksmith issues that ascend in the commercial concerns present within the Orlando. We perform all kinds of locksmithing services ranging from complex ones such as installing high-security locks, master keys system to basic services such as resolving lockout issues, performing key duplications services etc. No matter what the magnitude of the locksmith issues you are facing, our locksmiths will resolve all the issues within a few minutes at ease!

A few of our services are as follows:

24/7 opening and unlock

On arriving at your office, you see that your employees have been stranded outside the commercial premises, and that is when you watch your plans for the day crashing down. Commercial lockouts are not amusing as they can lead to loss in business’ functioning. For this reason, we operate 24/7 and will quickly resolve all kinds of commercial lock issues no matter when or where you call in the Lawsona Fern Creek.

Lock change/repairs

Your commercial concern deserves only the best. If you find that your locks may have been worn out a little due to long-term usage, delay not any further. An old locking system, especially when rusted can lose its efficiency in its working mechanisms. It is highly imperative to protect your business from external security threats, and our team is quick to provide regular maintenance and repair services for your locks.

File cabinet locks

No sane person can allow any room for external security threats to invade the much needed confidentiality for a commercial concern. It is highly important to preserve important files and data, and our locksmiths are more than happy to help you in this case. We install a robust locking system for your file cabinets that are capable of keeping all kinds of security threats away!

Emergency exit locks

With the current requirements in the industry, it is important to ensure that you have a proper emergency exit locking system for your commercial concern. We, at Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith ensure that you have an efficient emergency exit locking system in place, by installation and repairing push bars, panic locks etc. We take the security of your employees as our utmost concern and help you avoid billings by the concerned authorities by ensuring that your emergency exit locks come off as efficient.

Master key

After assessing your business thoroughly, we determine if it’s possible for us to provide master key and sub-master keys for the premises. It is always better to have only certain individuals to access your classified information, and master keys are the best way to ensure that!

High security locks

Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith ensures that it provides business setups with various high-security locking system options such as keypad locks, restricted keyway system, installation of deadbolts, digital locks, magnetic locks and more! Having such high-security measures in place ensures that no other unauthorized individual can have access to your commercial space and its assets.

Door repair and unlock

Damaged doors are open invitations to burglars. If your office has got a door that needs repair or immediate unlocking, give us a call and we will quickly dispatch our services.

Whether it involves performing complex services such as programming your digital locks or simple door repairs, our team of locksmiths is available to address all your locksmith concerns duly for 24/7. Just give Lawsona Fern Creek FL Locksmith a call and we will be quick to respond to your queries in Lawsona Fern Creek.‚Äč